Sensor Connection Issue

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Sensor connection issues require a depth of knowledge about the app to diagnose the issue. There is a full list of items to check and troubleshoot for these issues. The list ranges from charging, Bluetooth, reset sensor, and deleting the app. 


  • Charged: Please check the status of the sensor by placing the sensor on the charger.  These are the status indicators of the charger and what it means to the sensor troubleshooting. 


  • Red –  When you place the sensor on the charger and it is still showing red it can mean multiple things.  
    • If the beep didn’t happen and the indicator light on the charger didn’t change, the sensor could be dead.  If there is no flashing indicator light from the inside of the sensor, plug the charger in a different port. If still not working, possible a sensor issue.
    • The sensor could be fully charged on an older charger. The sensor is flashing.  Continue to the next step.
    • The sensor could be fully charged on an older charger. If the sensor isn’t flashing, the completion of the activation would need to be completed. If completed, it is possibly a sensor issue
    • The sensor wasn’t placed on the charger correctly. Please make sure the log is facing up on the charger and the sensor when placed in the middle. If placed on the charger correctly, continue to the next step
  • Blue – The sensor would need to be charged further. The sensor should only need 45 min to 1 hour to charge.  After completed, continue to the next step. 
  • Green – The sensor would be fully charged. Continue to the next step


A quick way of showing if your sensor has a charge would be shaking the sensor.  If you see the indicator light of Amber or Green under the blast man on the sensor it represents it is actively on and broadcasting.  It should be flashing every 5 -10 seconds. If you don’t see the light, the sensor would need to be charged, dead, or activation still not completed.  


  • Bluetooth– The sensor communication is with the app only via Bluetooth.  Please verify that the feature is turned on. If turned on, continue to the next step.


  • Reset Sensor–The basic features have been checked for the sensor. Along with making sure the charge & Bluetooth have been checked.  The last option of resetting the sensor can only be completed by uninstalling of the app and reinstalling of the app. Please make sure to back up any videos before completing this process with your subscription to Blast Connect. After the reinstallation of the app, please log in and try to connect again. 


If you are still having issues, please contact customer support.  


If you are still having issues, please contact customer support.  

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