Vision setup

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The post-impact results from Vision will allow you to visualize the ball flight.  To accomplish this the setup for vision needs to be setup correctly.  The first is setting up the camera.  


         Camera setup for Vision

The camera should be set up to view the ball flight after it leaves the bat. In the proper setup, the ball is hit in the bottom-right (or bottom-left) corner of the frame and flies out the opposite side.


  • To achieve this field of view, the camera should be several feet in front of the impact location and 6-12 feet away from the ball flight line, with the camera parallel to the flight line.
  • Ball Flight needs to know the distance between the camera and the ball flight line. The user is expected to measure this distance as accurately as possible and enter it into the “Camera Distance” setup screen. A measuring tape is recommended, although a bat of known length may be used. The user should measure from a point on the ground immediately under the camera straight ahead to the ball flight line. Measure the distance straight ahead on the ground, not the slant distance from the camera height or the distance to the ball.  




         Getting Started

  • From the My Feed screen, tap the camera button on the bottom.
  • Setup the camera distance by scrolling the circle to the correct distance.
  •  For best results, 10+ feet are recommended
  • Tap on the Set Distance button.
  • Align the camera view near either the right-handed or left-handed circle.
  • Tap the record button to start.
  • Take a swing to capture.


Once the list above has been completed you should be ready to use the sensor. 

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