No Metrics: Golf

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There are certain things that will cause the sensor to not recognize a swing or get an invalid swing message. There are certain swings variances that cause a swing or stroke with contact not to register.


  • For a swing to be recognized you must make contact with the ball.
  • The Blast Motion logo on the top of the sensor is not aligned with the top of the club.
  • For putting, Lie Change is plus or minus 10 degrees.
  • For putting, Loft Change is plus or minus 15 degrees.
  • If your stroke is longer than 2 seconds.
  • When putting the ball must travel at least a foot.
  • When putting, Swing Speed can’t be over 14 mph.


Repeat the swing, correcting these conditions. If your swing is still not captured:


  • Make sure that your sensor is connected to the device and the sensor’s battery status is greater than 20%.
  • Make sure that the putter’s Length and handedness settings are correct.


Once the list above has been tested. The last option would be to reset the sensor and test the sensor again.

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