(Android) Golf: Dashboard Screen Setup

The Dashboard screen gives viewing options of the metrics. The Dashboard shows the last metric. You can swipe from right to left to view older actions and left to right to go back. The dashboard screen is also used to set the viewing layout option for all the metrics. The metrics can be viewed between 1 up – 6 up with training layout options.


How to change metrics or hide metrics on video

  • From the Progress screen select Video Library.
  • Tap on the selected video to open.
  • Tap on the option
  • Select on Hide Metrics or 4-Up, 3-Up, 2-Up, 1-Up.


How to set Layout

  1. From the Progress screen, select on Dashboard.
  2. Tap on the Getting Started
  3. Tap on Layout.
  • Circle
  • Line Graph
  • 1-Up Graph
  • 1-Up
  • 2-Up
  • 3-Up
  • 4-Up
  • 5-Up
  • 6-Up

    4.   Tap on the circle to select the Layout layout.

How to turn on Smart Feedback


Smart Feedback: Get audible voice announcements of your metrics while you practice so you can keep your eye on the ball, not your phone. In Dashboard mode, tap the options in the upper right and tap Smart Feedback to enable/disable this feature.


  1. From the Progress screen select Dashboard.
  2. Tap on the options icon on the top right of the screen.
  3. Turn on Smart Feedback by tapping and showing a checkmark.
  4. Select Smart Feedback again to turn it off.

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