How do I measure club?

Blast Golf

For each new club, the Blast Golf mobile app provides a default length value listed for the club type that you are adding.  While this can be used for quick club setup, for best results and the most accurate metrics, we recommend that you use the following guidelines and enter the measurement value specific to your club.


Length is the entire length of the club from the butt-end to the ground (i.e., not just the length of the shaft).  This value is not the same as the length included in the manufacturer’s club specifications, but it can be easily measured as follows:


  • Place your club against a wall such that the shaft is in an upright position (perpendicular to the floor), and the toe is pointing outwards.
  • Measure your club (without the Blast Motion sensor or sensor attachment) from the butt-end to the ground, as illustrated below:


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