Dashboard (Feedback) setup: Golf

The setup of the Dashboard is key for being able to really focus on your key metrics. The Dashboard shows the last metric with trending metric information. To review information, tap on the view older actions and scroll left to right. To set the viewing options for all the metrics, use the Dashboard screen shortcuts. On the Dashboard screen, the metrics can be viewed between 1 up, – 6 up, and Training Layouts. The settings option displays the metric view options, which also shows the top selected metrics. The settings option also manages the clubs and sensor information, along with the smart feedback.


How to change Metric Layout


  • On the Progress screen, tap on the Dashboard.
  • Select on Metric Layout.
  • Select on the available layout option by tapping on the open circle.
    • Level 1: Drill 1
    • Level 1: Drill 2
    • Level 1: Drill 3
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
    • Level 4
    • 6-Up
    • 5 Up
    • 4 Up
    • 3 Up
    • 2 Up
    • 1 Up
    • 1 Up Graph
    • Circle Graph
    • Bar Graph


  • Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 require a Blast Connect Subscription.
  • Levels are preset metric order.  


How to change Metric Layout order

  • On the Progress screen, tap on the Dashboard.
  • Select on Metric Order.
  • Find the metric to move.
  • Hold and drag metric by holding the double line on the right of the metric option.


  • The first metric will be used for Smart Feedback


How to turn on Smart Feedback


  • On the Progress screen, tap on the Menu.
  • Tap on Setting.
  • Find the Smart Feedback Settings
  • Swiping the Smart Feedback button to the right until it shows green turns the feature on.
  • Swiping the button to the left until it shows clear turns the feature off.


  • First Metric in the Metric Layout order will be read out. 


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