Switch Hitters

Baseball / Softball

Any users that are switch hitters need to create multiple bats in the app.  This would be done by creating a bat for hitting right handed and another bat for hitting left handed.  You can create unique identifiers in the nickname line when creating or editing your bat. 

How to add a bat

1. Tap on the Menu from Analyze, Training, Live, or Swing screen.
2. Tap on the My Bats.
3. Select on the Plus sign icon on the bottom right of the screen.
4. Tap on the corresponding lines to input the Brand, Model, Nickname, Length, and Weight for each bat. Once the input line is touched a list of options will be available at the bottom of the page.
• Not all bats are in the system. Please select the bat that is closest to your bat. The name of your bat can be added in the Nickname field.
5. When complete, hit the “Add New Bat” button.

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