How to add a Axe bat.


The user creates a list of bats for the sensor. To ensure the most accurate metric information is utilized, the My Bats section includes detailed information for each bat. Necessary information needed to ensure accurate metrics information. It is particularly important to ensure the Length and Weight of the user’s bat are entered accurately to produce optimal metric data.

• Create up to ten active bats.

How to add a Axe bat

1. Tap on the Menu from Analyze, Training, Live, or Swing screen.
2. Tap on the My Bats.
3. Select on the Plus sign icon on the bottom right of the screen.
4. Tap on the corresponding lines to input the Brand – Axe , Model, Nickname, Length, Weight and Sensor Placement for each bat. Once the input line is touched a list of options will be available at the bottom of the page.
• Not all bats are in the system. Please select the bat that is closest to your bat. The name of your bat can be added in the Nickname field.
5. When complete, hit the “Add New Bat” button.

How to proper Sensor Mounting

1. Place the bat so the downward slope of the know is facing toward you.
2. Attach the sensor face up so the Blast Man logo aligns exactly as shown above.
3. Ready to swing! Proper setup is required to accurately capture your Blast metrics.

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