Missing Swings: Blast Connect

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

If swings are missing in Blast Connect, here are the main causes of this issue: 


  • The user has not been invited to the Academy. Please send a new invite to the user and make sure they accept the invite. 
  • The user was not connected to the correct academy. Please contact support to transfer the account to the correct academy. 
  • The metrics haven't been uploaded to the app.  Until offline actions have been connected to the app, they will not push to Blast Connect. After practices or usage, we suggest uploading the action right away. 
  • The swing didn't capture.  If hitting live, the app should show swing records right away.  If the app isn't showing notifications to upload swings, the sensor might have not captured swings. 


Please review these options for the missing swings. If still having issues, please let contact customer support.

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