Reset Sensor (Golf)

Blast Golf - Basic Troubleshooting


How to reset sensor

  • To reset your sensor, tap the hamburger icon on the Home screen to go to the Main Menu.
  • Tap My Sensors.
  • Move your sensor to wake the unit and connect to the app.
  • Tap the arrow > to the right of your sensor to open the Sensor Details page.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Reset your sensor.
  • The sensor will disconnect and begin to flash red.
  • Once the sensor Reset has been completed the unit will reconnect back to the device.
  • This process takes roughly 45 seconds. 


How to reset sensor

  • Tap on the Menu icon.
  • Tap on My Sensor.
  • Select the sensor line and tap.
  • Tap on the Reset Sensor or Clear Sensor.
  • The sensor Must be connected to reset.

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