Initial Setup for Blast Golf

Inside the box you will find charging pad, USB charger cable, white sensor, standard, and oversized attachment.


  • ·       Plug the micro-USB (smaller end) into the charging pad and plug the USB into a power adapter or USB port.
  • ·       Place sensor on the charging pad with Blast logo facing up.

o   The charging pad will beep, and the pad LED will turn from Red to Blue. 

o   After 2 hours the pad LED will turn green indicating a full charge.

  • ·       Download the green Blast Golf app.

o   Tap Create New Account.

o   Select if you are a Player or a Coach.

o   Select your Level of Play.

  • ·       Enter Full Name, Email, Password (more than 6 characters), and Handedness.


Return Users: Log into the app > pair the sensor > create a club > Select your mode and tap Just Putt, Just Swing to start capturing data.


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