How to View Videos

Blast Golf iOS

1.   Tap View Videos from the Home Screen.

2.   Tap and select the video you wish to view.

3.   Tap the X on the top left to exit and go back to the library.

4.   Tap the arrows to the left or right of Video to cycle through to different videos.

5.   Tap the Overflow icon (three dots) to access Send To, Delete, and Analyze.

o   Send gives you the option to save the video to your device’s camera roll.

o   Delete allows you to either delete the current video from your device, Blast Connect, or from both the device and Blast Connect.

o   Analyze opens the Video Analysis tool.

  • ·       Tap the Filter to search Video Source, turn on or off Metrics shown in video, and date range search.
  • ·       Tap Select to choose multiple videos to either share or tap the trash can icon to delete.

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