Slapping: Softball

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The ablity to Analyze this hitting style. Also using context we are able to provide additional detail about you slap  


How to update Hitter Type

1. Tap on the Menu from Analyze, Training, Live, or Swing screen.
2. Tap on the User Profile.
3. The page opens to the Bio tab.
4. Tap on Hitter type.
5. Select on Full Swing Only or Slap and Full swing.


How to turn slap on

1. From the Analyze screen, tap on Live.
2. Select on Tap to slap.
3. Swipe radio button to the right for slap mode

• Swipe radio button to the left to turn off.


Video Link: Turn on Slapping in App


Training Center: Slapping Drills


Context: Slapping

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