Where is the serial number located?

The Basics

Each sensor has its own identification, which is the serial number. This information can be found in multiple locations.  Here is the list: 


  • Back of the sensor. It will show the serial number on top and bottom of the QR code.
  • If the sensor is already activated, it will show in My Sensor in the app. (Menu > My Sensor > Tap on sensor line item > Sensor serial number.
  • Bottom of the white product box.


If you can’t find the serial number from the options above, you can activate the sensor without having the serial number. To do this, follow the directions below:


  • Open the app and Login. 
  • Tap on the menu. 
  • Go to My Sensor. 
  • Tap on Add a Sensor.
  • On the Scan screen locate the hyperlink Having Trouble.  
  • Tap on Having Trouble?
  • Shake sensor until it connects (should connect within 5-10 seconds) 

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