What is included in Blast Connect? Golf

Blast Connect Golf

The Blast Golf Premium Coach package adds a premium services subscription, allowing you to schedule training sessions, analyze video, and report on player performance, while expanding the functionality of the mobile app / sensor. 



Coach more effectively with instant, objective feedback, integrated video analysis, performance tracking and scheduling, while communicating with your students and rosters through in-app messaging and reporting. 


• Mobile Video Analysis 

Capture, replay, analyze, and compare side-by-side video clips synced at impact with metrics overlaid. Store auto-edited clips within student profiles to shorten the feedback loop. 


• Performance Tracking & Reporting 

Track training sessions, monitor player assessments and maintain historical performance data to quantify player improvement. 


• Scheduling & Communications 

Schedule individual lessons, group practices, or clinics with in-app messaging for easy student communication. 


• Custom Online Academy & More 

           Review comparison matrix for package details. 

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