Metric Definitions (Baseball)

The foundation of Blast is providing the key performance indicator in your swing. The swings are broken into Pre-Impact and Post-Impact. The Pre-Swing provides the details of Swings Quality Scores, Swings Metrics, and Impact Metrics. The Post-Impact of Ball Fight displays the results of your swing. The combination of all the metrics creates the full picture of your swing with a helpful explanation. 

How to view Metrics Definitions videos

  1. Tap on Training to view Metric Definitions.
  2. Scroll down to Metrics Definitions.
  3. Tap on the Metrics Definitions box.
  4. Select the metric definition and tap on the video.

Swing Quality Scores
Blast iQ assesses your swing and impact metrics, based on level of play, to automatically score your performance. It measures a player’s swing performance and distributes it on a bell curve, based on level of play.

Swing Metrics
The Blast Sensor captures swing metrics that measure pre-impact swing mechanics centered around the plane, connection, and rotation.

Impact Metrics
The Blast Sensor captures impact metrics that measure pre-impact performance outcomes based on ball contact.

Ball Flight
Blast iQ powered machine vision measures the post-impact results of your swing, allowing you to visualize ball flight.

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