Metric Definitions (Golf)


The foundation of Blast is providing the key performance indicator in your stroke. The strokes are divided between Putting, Full Swing, Short Game, and Bunker. 

How to view Metrics Definitions videos

  1. Tap on Training to view Metric Definitions.
  2. Scroll down to Metrics Definitions.
  3. Tap on Putting or Full Swing.
  4. Select the metric definition and tap on the video.

Is combination of multiple stroke types. The putting has a range between Timing, Speed, and Direction. The metrics have a heavy emphasis on timing, which sets the foundation for consistency and directly effects speed and direction control.

Short Game

The short game provides metrics for all short game activities. Those activities include any 75 yards and under shots.


The bunker provides metrics for all bunker activities. Those activities include any club-to-sand shot from a bunker.

Full Swing
Is combination of multiple stroke types. The Full Swings has a range between Timing and Speed.

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