Comparing iOS / iPad OS vs. Android OS Support

The iOS / iPad OS and Android OS mobile apps are designed with a wide range of features optimized for swing analysis and Player Development. While these apps have a different look / feel, they all include a live training mode for real-time swing analysis (plane, connection, rotation), pre-impact swing metrics, video auto-clipping with adaptive slow-mo technology, 3D-swing tracer of each swing (iOS / iPad OS - coming soon to Android), and a large quantity of training center tips and drills for improvement. 


We also provide coaches with an easy to use mobile experience on iOS / iPad OS, along with a more detailed, web-based player analysis and reporting experience through Blast Connect. While Coach Mode is not supported on the Android app, the web-based Blast Connect inter- face can be used on Android with the Chrome web-browsers to provide coaches with access to their team & player information. 

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