How to upload video


How to upload a external video can be done by the following: 



How to upload video 

1. From the Live screen, tap on the Practice tab. 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 

3. Tap on the Start Practice button.  
4.Tap on Swing Details..
5. The on Select pill. 

6. Select your Practice Setup.  Tap on the layout option to update.

7. Tap on Select pill to complete Practice Setup. 

8. Tap on Camera. 

9. Tap on Camera Roll.

10. Select on video or videos.

11. Tap on import. 





Not available, option would be blast connect.



Blast Connect (Premium Services)

How to upload video

1. Tap on Analysis to view the Media Library. 

2. Scroll down to Media Library to select.  

3. Tap on the blue plus sign. 
4. Drag and drop your files or select a file from your device. 

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