How to create a Blast Connect account (App)?


How to create a Blast Connect Account

1. Tap on the Menu from Analyze, Training, Live, or Swing screen.
2. Tap on the User Profile (Player or Coach).
3. Tap on Account tab.
4. On the account line tap on Upgrade.
5. Tap on “Learn more”.
6. Prefer to sign up as a coach and start your own Academy, Tap on Upgrade.
7. Fill in Academy Information or player information.
8. Under Owner’s Information tap on Already have a Blast Account or Don’t have a Blast Account?
9. If you selected: Already have a Blast Account – Log in with Email & Password, tap on Terms of Service and Tap on Login to Continue.
10. If you selected: Don’t have a Blast Account – Fill in and create user profile, tap on Terms of Service and Tap on Create account.
11. Tap on “Sign up $100.00/YR” button.
12. Enter credit card info and tap “Purchase” button.

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