What is Coach Mode?

Coach Mode

Coach Mode is an evaluation tool for reviewing player and team performance history with statistics and graphs. With the Blast Baseball app and Blast Connect / Blast Connect Mobile, you can manage multiple players with one sensor. 

The Coach Mode enables a coach to manage all their player’s metrics at the touch of the app. By selecting on the ‘built player profile,’ the coach can share the sensor with their players. After collecting swing metrics, this information will be shared with the players and remains available to the coach. Players and coaches have access to Blast Connect. For coaches, the Blast Connect provides analytic tools with video markup and metric overlay, recorded feedback, and comparison of two synched swings. It also includes customized practice and work creation to drive engagement of the team. Blast Connect allows coaches to schedule their teams and manage their rosters. Most importantly, it allows viewing and filtering of the team’s swings information for in-depth analysis of metrics.


Coach Mode: How to Use It from Blast Motion on Vimeo.

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